Floor Waxing, Buffing & Stripping

Do You Want That Wet Look Shine On Your Floors?
When stripping and waxing a floor, Smart Cleaners‘ technicians pay special attention to the edges of baseboards and corners, so that your floors will look like they were detailed by a professional. We only use professional commercial grade floor finishes that are designed to last longer. We also use a proprietary system to apply floor finish that produces a higher shine. Once you have that clean, shiny floor, regular maintenance will help keep it that way.

Advantages of Buffing a Waxed Floor:

  • Projects professional image of your business
  • Hardens wax & increases wax durability
  • Wax resists dirt better & stays cleaner longer
  • Increased safety due to better slip resistance
  • Reflected light brightens rooms & lifts employee morale

Buffing your floors on a routine basis will pay dividends in a number of areas. How? First, as wax ages, it softens and thus wears faster. Buffing makes the wax harder, which in turn increases the durability of the wax. The initial price you paid to have the floors stripped and cleaned will be a long term investment. Second, the floors will be shinier. This will project that professional image that you want your customers and vendors to see. A shinier floor reflects light better and will actually brighten up a room. In addition, case studies have shown that a brighter, cleaner, work environment improves employee morale. Third, regular routine maintenance of your floors is easier on you. Highly polished floors are easier to sweep & mop. There is less friction or mop drag and so less fatigue for your employees. Black marks from shoes will easily mop off, while leaving a neater and cleaner floor. As the wax becomes harder due to buffing, it resists dirt penetration better and so your floors stay cleaner longer. Fourth, safety in your building is improved. All waxes used by Smart Cleaners are slip resistance. Buffing the wax increases that slip resistance. A waxed and buffed floor has far greater slip resistance than a bare floor.

We can make your floors perform brilliantly!